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Gynecomastia means female-like breasts in a male. It happens usually during pubertal age and due to hormonal changes. In some cases, it does not regress to normal size with time. Gynecomastia has a significant negative psychological impact on the adolescent patient.

There are four grades of gynecomastia

  • Grade 1: minor breast enlargement with no excess skin.
  • Grade 2a: moderate breast enlargement with no excess skin.
  • Grade 2b: moderate breast enlargement with excess skin.
  • Grade 3: marked breast enlargement with excess skin.

In this procedure, suction assisted removal of glandular tissue and excess fat is done. The only solution for Gynecomastia is cosmetic surgery, which is long lasting too.


Grade 1

Gynecomastia - Grade1-Case1

Grade 1-2

Gynecomastia - Grade1-2 Case1

Grade 2

Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case1
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case2
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case3
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case4
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case5
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case6
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case7
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case8
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case9
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case10
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case11
Gynecomastia - Grade2-Case12

Grade 2-3

Gynecomastia - Grade2-3 Case1

Grade 3

Gynecomastia - Grade3-Case1
Gynecomastia - Grade3-Case2
Gynecomastia - Grade3-Case3

May I help you?

1. How much time does the surgery take?

The surgery is 1 and a half to 2 hours.

2. What is the recovery time ?

10-14 days.

3. What are the complications related to male breast reduction surgery?

There are four grades of gynecomastia

  • Seroma
  • Hematoma
  • Blackening of overlying skin
  • Uneven and unsatisfactory appearance
  • Scar in inframammary & circumareolar region

4. What post-op care should be taken ?

The doctors recommend a chest binder for 10 days and the patient is advised to avoid any kind of exercise for 3 weeks.

5. What is the cost of this surgery ?

The cost of this procedure is 40,000-50,000 INR.

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